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Morning Mantras

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Incorporate these two affirmative mantras/prayers into your morning high-vibe flow and carry it with you wherever you go.

Developing this practice can be incredibly beneficial, particularly during times of stress when you need to find calm. Think of it as a parallel to Pavlov's Dog experiment, where a conditioned response is established.

By integrating these mantras/prayers into your morning routine, you'll be equipped to regulate your system when faced with autonomic, conditioned, or traumatic responses (commonly known as being "triggered"). Remember, consistency is key; if you only turn to them when you need them, they won't have the desired effect.

Embrace the power of these affirmations as they guide you towards a state of tranquility and help you navigate through challenging moments. By making them an integral part of your daily practice, you can experience their profound impact on your overall well-being.


The Lord’s Prayer

O Cosmic birther of all radiance and vibration!

Soften the ground of our being and carve out a space within us where your presence can abide.

Fill us with your creativity so that we may be empowered to bear the fruit of your mission.

Let each of our actions bear fruit in accordance with our desire. Endow us with wisdom to produce and share what each being needs to grow and flourish.

Untie the tangled threads of destiny that bind us, as we release others from the entanglement of past mistakes.

Do not let us be seduced by that which would divert us from our true purpose but illuminate the opportunities of the present moment.

For you are the ground and the fruitful vision, the birth power and fulfilment as all is gathered and made whole once again.

And so it is.



I clear heavy energy, vibrations, and shadow interference from my energy field in all directions of time.


The Prayer for Protection

One may substitute the word "God" for Universe/Energy or whatever other term is personal to you

The Light of God surrounds me.

The Love of God enfolds me.

The power of God protects me

The Presence of God watches over Me.

Wherever I am , God is!

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