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Redefining Forgiveness: A Personal Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery

In our society, forgiveness is often misunderstood and misinterpreted. It is a complex concept that varies from person to person, and finding a personal definition of forgiveness can be a transformative journey. In this blog post, I will share my evolving understanding of forgiveness and how it has shaped my healing process. Drawing from my own experiences with a traumatic childhood and a dysfunctional family, I have come to realize that forgiveness is not solely about sending positive love and light, but rather about releasing the vibrational resistance we hold towards others. Join me as we explore the power of forgiveness, internal processing of trauma, and the importance of finding our own tribe.

1. Forgiveness as Vibrational Release:

Traditional notions of forgiveness often emphasize the need to offer affirmative love and light to those who have wronged us. However, I have discovered that forgiveness is more about freeing ourselves from the negative energies that bind us to the past. It involves consciously creating an intention or vibration that detaches us from the low-vibrational impact of others. By releasing this resistance, we reclaim our own emotional well-being and set ourselves on a path of healing.

2. Internal Processing of Trauma:

Processing trauma does not always necessitate involving others. In fact, I have found that looking internally is a powerful way to confront and heal from the wounds of the past. By turning inward, we can explore our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs, allowing us to understand and address the impact of trauma on our lives. This introspective journey empowers us to regain control over our own narrative and shape our future without relying on external validation or resolution.

3. Breaking Free from Dysfunctional Family Dynamics:

Growing up in a family plagued by dysfunction, including alcoholism, domestic violence, and mental health struggles, I had to make a difficult choice for my own well-being. Recognizing that family isn't solely defined by blood, I made the courageous decision to step away from toxic relationships that were hindering my growth. It became clear that remaining on the roller coaster ride of dysfunction was detrimental to my own vibration and happiness. By choosing to distance myself, I embraced the truth that family extends beyond genetics and found solace in discovering my own tribe.

Forgiveness is a deeply personal journey, one that requires us to redefine its meaning according to our own experiences and beliefs. Releasing vibrational resistance, focusing on internal healing, and consciously choosing our tribe are all integral aspects of forgiveness that have shaped my path of self-discovery.

By acknowledging the power of forgiveness as a tool for personal liberation, we can find the strength to navigate our own healing journeys and embrace the transformative potential of releasing the past.

Remember, family isn't always about blood connections; it's about finding a supportive tribe that uplifts us on our quest for growth and happiness.

Find your tribe, embrace your journey, and redefine forgiveness on your own terms.

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